Many Affiliate Programs Make Me Skeptic

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I have had hundreds of emails and invitations to watch the intro videos to a variety of affiliate programs. These programs go to great lengths to mask and disguise what their online visitors are opting into. An overwhelming majority of these emails will never tell you what they are selling until you pay them a certain amount of money.

It creates skepticism on the part of someone like me. None of the programs that I looked at have the audacity to let us know what we all are getting into if we do decide to opt-in.

Make Money

They want money before they would let you know what you are getting into.

And that can be the reason why so many opt-out without knowing completely why they opted in (in the first place) and why they are opting out.

I received many emails amongst the total in which when you click to exit, a message appears telling you “Leave Page” or “Stay on Page.”

One such program had me click 5 times – that’s right five times – to get actually exit. Let me tell these program generators “It Is Very Annoying not being able to exit with just one click.”

When I decide to exit the main program, that means I am not interested in their second or third or even fifth program (usually extra eBooks) and I just want to exit. So please let me exit with the first click and end the session completely at that instance.

Groaning & Clicking Out…

So when they want money (it’s usually $47) before letting me know what they are selling and how they have worked it out for me to make money, I just groan and click out.

Tired of Clicking out

Don’t mind me. I am watching INTRO video

I forget what affiliate program it was but they wanted $497 outright to join and actually make money without letting me know beforehand what they were selling and how I would make money.

Another negative issue for me is that none of the videos has “Pause” or “the time lapse bar at the bottom” so I would know how long I have to sit and watch the video and if I want to leave for a minute or two, I should be able to pause it, come back and play it at the point where I left it off.

After watching for maybe 5 minutes without telling me anything concrete, I just click to exit and then again another 4 or 5 clicks to actually be able to exit completely.

I lost over $27,000 following programs blindly…

None of the videos I watched (some to the end but falling asleep somewhere in the middle) have told me outright the details of the program. But they still want me to pay them at least $47 to join.

That’s a blind step they want me to take. No wonder I keep hearing people have lost a lot of money. It’s like when I received a newsletter in USPS mail telling me one stock will do excellently good (excellently good is my own English), I bought into it and spent over $27,000 and it’s selling for pennies now.

I lost that much money. I blindly followed the newsletter and was suffocated by the strong grip of that particular anaconda. I decided then and there no matter how much nice letters and emails I get, I would not join anyone’s program blindly.

Do your own research, read reviews…

I would do my own research before I joined in the program and pay them the money they asked for. When I search for reviews of the programs, I get some good (usually from the affiliates) or bad (usually with another link at the end telling me their affiliate program is better.)

Is My Online Business Empire (M.O.B.E.) different?

It seems M.O.B.E. is different. It’s quite straight forward. It’s developed by Matt Lloyd from down under (Australia). He is selling his licensed program that will set you back a total of $1,997 that pays 90% commission. I am on fixed income. I cannot afford that much money.

I opted in for the next best thing and joined the M.O.B.E. program as an affiliate for FREE. If you join and buy into the program, I would get 50% commission on your investment in the program.

Get familiarized with M.O.B.E.

To familiarize with M.O.B.E., Matt Lloyd presents a few more options so you know what you are getting into if and when you decide to opt-in.

By the way, I earn $48.50 each month for every person I refer to Matt’s website. You would get the same amount when you refer someone to him via my affiliate link.

In a Nutshell
I request all such program generators to let the visitor exit on the first click, two clicks at the most.

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