Must Adopt Top SMS Marketing Practices For Profit Minded Business

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In this modern world of business you must think and act smart and the smartest way to reach out to more and more customers is to make the best use of mobile phones.

Over the years, mobile phone and its uses have increased and it is now not limited to talking to another person only. It can now be used for business promotion and raising brand awareness as well.

Therefore, if you are not using this useful tool for your business purpose then you are surely leaving a major chunk of your business profit on the table.

According to several studies and researches it is found that:

  • Most of the people are hooked on to their mobile phones and mostly surf the internet for latest news and info

  • On an average an individual checks his or her phone about 150 times a day

  • The average time spend on phones by any person regardless of the age is about five hours a day and

  • By 2019 mobile advertising will be as high as 72% of all US digital advertising.

Undoubtedly, the mobile devices are now firmly entrenched into the leading media and this fact applies to all ecommerce sites especially. It is also equally applicable for the neutral product review sites as well such as Yelp or BestAdvisor.

The long and short of the story is that SMS marketing is the big thing now and is going nowhere soon. Therefore, if you want more for your business you will have to use the mobile phone more.

 Must Adopt Top SMS Marketing Practices For Profit Minded Business

  • Strategies to follow

    Now the question is, how can you be smart? The answer is simple, just send bulk sms. How? Well, here are a few best mobile marketing practices that all companies must adopt in this modern age which is rightfully called the ‘mobile moment.’

    • Location-based marketing:

      This is the era of location-based marketing. Most of the businesses send notifications to their customers when they pass a store. They also send promotions when they reach to a strategic location where the products or services of a particular brand will be useful.

      • In this context, different companies release different Analytics. These Analytics help the marketers and businesses to access to any location intelligence and technology. There are about 90 million geo-fenced locations if not more around the world today.

      • Integrating different tools and software into the system, the businesses can now not only provide the users with useful info regarding the places to go to find a specific product but also shows how they can get there using the same app.

      In fact, the users can now order for a product or service from anywhere without requiring to switch applications or type in the address, struggle through the navigation and translations and look up to the directions.

    • In-app marketing:

      If you take a look at the Google Play you will see that currently there are over 2.8 million apps and on the other hand Apple has about 2.2 million apps and is breathing on its neck. Given such intense competition, these apps need to be most advanced and useful so that it offers the most personalized service ever possible with any element of risk in it eliminated.

      • The in-app marketing is a useful practice for you to follow as it will fuel more engagement and relevance. This will in turn drive customer retention, build loyalty in them and at the same time provide lifetime value.

      • There is a deluge of users of several new apps and if you want to capitalize on it you will need to use the in-app marketing platform more and more. This will allow all marketers to craft and publish more targeted campaigns in quick time.

      • These are independent and useful development resources that you can use further in your contextual campaigns as well as generate more targeted promotions in specific times such as a national holiday. You can do it all directly in the app.

    All these mean you will have an immediate rise in conversions as well as customer retention.

  • Mobile marketing measurement

    The concept of SMS marketing is not devoid of misconceptions and therefore proper marketing is essential to reach out to those 91% people who are into text messaging weekly. To ensure you do so and get the desired results you will have to integrate text messaging into your mobile marketing strategies.

    • This will help you to measure the results achieved through mobile marketing and weigh it with your efforts put in. You will come to know the areas that need improvement.

    • The traditional ways of marketing where the web address of a company was displayed in ads but remembering it or jotting it down on the move was quite a cumbersome job. A short messaging marketing service or SMS replaced this practice wherein users simply have to text back to a specific number to enjoy the product or service.

    • All you have to do is reconfigure your ads and see the responses skyrocket. Recent studies showed that the revenue from mobile ad was much more than the desktop ad revenue.

    Therefore, investing money on bulk SMS marketing in order to reach dedicated customers even more easily is a sensible and more scientific approach in today’s business. Mobile attribution and analysis of marketing data has become necessary in this era as it will help all marketers and businesses to pinpoint their targets and optimize the results of the ads there by boosting the returns on their investments.

    If you do not have the right data you will face a lot of difficulty in reacting to the sudden changes in the market instantaneously. You will not be able to determine whether or not the quality of the users generated by the specific ad channels is improving or declining over time.

    Accordingly, you and your marketing team can take the necessary actions immediately and use more useful apps such as AppsFlyer to link the attribution data with engagement and LTV metrics.

    As a result, you will achieve an increase in number of subscribers as well in your gross profit by about 40%.

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