Operate your vehicle in environmentally conscious manner

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You have just bought a new vehicle or have owned it for some time. It is a quality vehicle equipped with some of the most sophisticated technology and unique product features in the world today.

Your Owner’s Manual provides you with a detailed explanation of your vehicle and its features. Read it first.

The following, however, are brief descriptions of ways you can operate your vehicle in an environmentally conscious manner.

Vehicle operating tips

Ensuring that all vehicle systems are functioning optimally helps protect the environment.

  • Familiarize yourself with the important information provided by instrument panel gauges and warning lights.

    These alert you to malfunction that could affect your vehicle’s systems, for example, Anti-Lock Light, Oil Pressure Light, Engine Temperature Light, etc.

  • Your vehicle warning system alerts to malfunctions that affect vehicle emissions.

    An illuminated “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” Light suggests a potential engine control problem and the need for system service.

    Although the vehicle is usually drivable and will not require towing, see your dealer or a good mechanic for service as soon as possible.

    Refer to your Owner’s Manual for instructions about specific action to take when individual warning lights illuminate.

  • Keep tires properly inflated to maintain optimum fuel economy and minimize tire wear. Not checking, you lose on both fronts.

  • To conserve fuel, use the ventilation system with the windows up, rather than the air conditioning system, when possible.

  • Load cargo inside the vehicle, whenever feasible, and keep the weight to a minimum.

    If you must travel with cargo on the roof, load it as flat and aerodynamically as possible.

    Tightly cover and secure the load to reduce airflow disturbances.

  • To conserve fuel and reduce brake and tire wear, drive smoothly, anticipate traffic situations, and definitely stay within the posted speed limit.

  • To reduce emissions and maintain vehicle performance, use unleaded gasoline that contains detergents and corrosion and stability additives.

    As they become available, use new blends of gasoline – sometimes referred to as reformulated gasoline – that are cleaner burning.

In a Nutshell
If you follow these tips, and “tread lightly” on the overall environment, you will not only be correctly operating your vehicle but you will be protecting our fragile earth as well.

Follow these guidelines and operate your vehicle in an environmentally conscious manner.

ry doing something good for the environment and in turn for yourself as well.

The reverse is true, too. Please do your part to preserve our natural treasures for generations to come.

I got the above tips from a mechanic friend of mine and after checking them with dealers and individual mechanics, the consensus was that a vehicle should be kept and operated in the most optimal fashion.

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