Own a Junkyard Car? How to Get the Most Money out of Your Bucket of Bolts

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If you’ve got a car that’s been sitting in your driveway or yard for a long time, you might have already considered scrapping it.

Scrapping is a great option to make some extra cash, but you can make even more by using a few simple steps.

  • Fill It Up

    While you can’t necessarily stuff your car with extra junk just to get more money for it, you can make sure it’s full of different fluids before the scrap company weighs it.

    Since most companies pay based on the weight of your car or a percentage of the weight, you can get more money if your car weighs more. Of course, having a heavier car will always allow you to get more profits.

  • Shop Around

    Just like when you’re searching for cars for sale, you should also shop around for junk companies to help you scrap your car. Not all companies are equal.

    Some junkyards pay based on the actual weight while others pay based on an average weight.

    Junk companies may even pay based on what the price is while others also average out the fair market price for metal. Consider which one will provide you with the best price for your car.

  • Wait for a Good Price

    Metal prices change with different markets. Your car could be worth far more one day than it is the next.

    If it seems like you’re getting a low price for scrapping your vehicle, you may want to wait a couple days to see if the price comes up. While this doesn’t always work, you can try to check out different areas to see if the price is better because of the market conditions there.

  • Prepare Your Car

    When you scrap your car, you don’t want to leave any personal belongings in it. Make sure you get everything that you want out of the car.

    If the junkyard is picking your car up, have it ready to go in an area that’s easy for them to access. In fact, making the car ready for them can actually help you get more money for it.

As long as you know how to optimize the amount you get for the car, you can get a lot of money back. Make sure you follow the steps of getting more for your car to make scrapping it worthwhile instead of just trying to sell it to someone who might use it.

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