Personal Finance: 5 Unique Ways to Earn Some Quick Money

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What happens when emergencies crop up around you or credit suddenly becomes due when you are cash-strapped? How can you find quick fixes without resulting to bureaucratic fixes like bank loans that haunt you in the long run?

Here are five practical ways of raising cash for emergencies.

  1. Give Blood

    You can make quick $20 to $50 for giving out blood and even higher if you have a rare blood type. Alternatively, you can give blood plasma to help people suffering from Leukemia and immune disorders for a decent compensation.

    Check out with your State’s medical department for the minimum compensation for blood plasma donations.

  2. Drive for Shared Ride Companies

    Put your car and driving skills to work by driving for cab sharing service providers like Uber and Lyft.

    The good thing with either is that you aren’t obliged to continue working for them after you meet your cash needs. You just turn your work status as unavailable on the app.

  3. Pawn Your Vintage Items

    Consider pawning your expensive jewelry for instant cash. Pawning works for every jewel regardless of the sentimental value you attach to it as you can always claim it back.

    Some dealers like the Dock Bros Pawn Shop will also advance you some cash for vintage items like watches, precious stones, and even motorcycles that you get to repossess after settling the advancement plus interest.

  4. Participate in Medical Research

    Offer your body for medical studies or clinical drug tests. Unlike blood donations, medical tests attract significantly higher compensation.

    You should, however, expect to experience short-term side effects. If you can live with that, then register for these tests.

  5. Online Gigs

    The internet presents you with numerous opportunities that you can exploit to raise quick cash. In this case, how much you make primarily depends on your skill-set and how speed in content development.

    To make some money online, consider subscribing to such freelance sites with different industry players ready to hire your writing, design, transcription, and even narration skills. Are you an authority in a given field? Host paid webinars and training sessions.

Bottom Line

Opportunities to make quick cash and address urgent needs are all around you. Plus most of these are either instantaneous or yield in less than a week. You, therefore, don’t have to turn to unfriendly financial sources like bank loans that not only take longer to process but tie you to longtime and unnecessary financial commitments.

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