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When I was a lot younger, I had the habit of reading books as well as two newspapers a day when I was living in New York City in the 70s.

I was single and I would find the time to read. For a few years, I did not even have a TV set. I would go to some friends’ and watch TV if I really wanted to.

We did not have TV back in the old country. How could we have? You guessed it – no money.

Now at this stage in my life when I just turned 61 – today is my birthday – I picked up on reading again.

But this time, instead of carrying a bulky book, I carry eReader wherever I go and start reading more than one book, at my disposal – the books that I already have downloaded.

Believe it or not, I use eyeglasses to read something in print but don’t need them when I am reading off of the computer screen or the eReader.

Many reasons why you would love reading eBooks with an eReader.

  • Cost effective

    eBooks are much cheaper than regular books. Where most NY Times bestsellers cost more than $20, you can get them at Kindle Store for less than $10. So basically you save money in the long run even at present the price is a bit steep to buy Kindle eReader. I have bought one anyway.

  • Portability

    There is no way you could carry around hundreds of books with you every place you go if it wasn’t for the eReader. Wherever you are waiting for your flight or at the railway station or on the bus, you can just take your favorite pick out of a wide variety of books.

  • More authors

    When you limit yourself to regular books, you limit yourself to reading the thoughts and wisdom of published authors only. Granted there is nothing wrong with that, but with the revolution of eBooks, you can now read all sorts of stuff written by people – like you and me.

  • Information, information, information

    Much like the previous reason, today there are eBooks about practically anything, starting from weight loss and all the way to how to renovate your kitchen.

  • Comfort

    With your eReader at hand, you don’t even need to get out of the couch to get a new book. You can wirelessly connect to Amazon and download whatever eBook you desire. Amazon even provides a first chapter of a book that you can read to see what the book is about.

  • Saves up space

    Springtime cleaning is a lot easier. No hard copies for books, magazine or newspapers.

  • You get a great feeling

    Sitting on the bus and reading from your eReader just makes you feel and look a lot cooler, even at my age.

  • You can read while doing something else

    Kindle has a cool Read to Me feature which can allow you to continue listening to the book while doing something else like driving. I don’t do it myself while driving and don’t advise it. At home, working in the kitchen, that should work just fine.

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In a Nutshell
It’s great to read a book or two or more whenever I want wherever I want. Rather than carrying 3 or 4 books with me at one time, I carry that many and more in my favorite eReader.

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