Saving Money: When You Should Buy Online And When You Should Go To The Store

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In a world filled with shopping options, it isn’t always easy to know where you should invest your money. Internet shopping is convenient, but do you really know what you are getting?

On the other hand, if you buy something from a store, are you paying inflated prices due to the staggering cost of labor and overhead?

Here are four common items you might need, and where you should head to make your purchase:

When You Should Buy Online And When You Should Go To The Store

  1. Books

    If you buy a lot of books, the Internet might become your best friend. Online retailers like Amazon and Ebay offer users a staggering collection of new and used books, usually for sale at a fraction of the price.

    The Internet also makes it easy to search for books via ISBN, which is an international identifier as unique as a fingerprint.

    Once you find a book that you want, you can simply search for the ISBN, compare prices, conditions, and sellers, and then have that book shipped to your front door.

  2. Makeup

    On the other hand, some things aren’t as easy to compare on a computer screen. Since every computer monitor is different, colors can vary significantly from screen to screen, which is why you should always buy makeup in-store.

    In addition to making sure that foundation matches your skin color, shopping for makeup in person also gives you the opportunity to talk with salespeople about brands and potential allergens.

    When you buy makeup, check out stores like Ulta, Sephora, or Mac, which allow customers the chance to touch and feel products before investing their hard-earned money.

  3. Clothing And Accessories

    Nothing is worse than getting to a clothing store, only to discover that they don’t carry your size. Fortunately, most clothing stores these days have websites where you can gain access to longer pant lengths, strange sizes, and a larger selection of colors and designs.

    To top it off, some retailers offer fantastic online promotions like free shipping, steep product discounts, or complimentary products, just for ordering.

    Finding discounts for can allow you to get brand name watches at a great price. You can usually find a better selection of jewelry and other accessories online.

  4. Prescription Eyeglasses

    With some online optical retailers offering frames for as low as $8 you might be tempted to skip that visit to the optometrist’s office and grab your laptop instead. Unfortunately, experts warn that buying glasses online could lead to poor fitting frames, incorrect prescriptions, and even safety issues.

    In fact, one study conducted by the American Optometric Association found that 44.8% of the 200 pairs of eyeglasses they ordered online had prescriptions that were wrong. Do yourself a favor and stick with your doctor when it comes to optical goods.

    It might seem like a hassle, but it could save you from headaches like shipped returns and vision problems.

Keep in mind that being a smart shopper is all about paying attention to deals. The best way to save money is by learning the average going rate for products, so that you can take advantage of specials when you see them.

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