Simple Ways to Lower Monthly Expenses

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Sometimes, people find it hard to save the money that they need to grow their capital or get the things that really matter to them.

Oftentimes, people think that they just need to make more money. While this is definitely part of the equation, even more important is usually getting a handle on the spending that you have now.

When you look for little ways to save money each month, you’ll find that all these ways will add up, and that you’ll be able to save a considerable amount more in only a few months time.

Here are some tips for how to lower your monthly expenses…

  • Live with roommates

    First of all, living by yourself is always a luxury expense, especially when you are younger.

    Rent is always a large part of people’s monthly expenses, and finding ways to reduce the costs of shelter is going to greatly improve your saving potential.

    For this reason, it’s a good idea to opt to live with roommates, until you are definitely financially independent enough to cover rent costs on your own without worrying about it.

    If you are a homeowner, getting roommates is also a great idea to help put money towards the equity of the home through their rent, which helps you pay off the home, faster.

  • Be a good tenant

    As we said above, figuring out how to lower the cost of rent is always going to be a great way to improve how much you are saving.

    Sometimes, if you are currently locked in a strict lease, this might be difficult.

    However, you can give yourself a fighting chance for better rates in the future by being a good tenant wherever you are living.

    Places that conduct background checks on their tenants check their previous renting experience, and are always trying to find better tenants.

    If you can prove that you are a good tenant, and don’t leave your apartment in ruins, annoy your neighbors, or decorate in a way that is difficult to repair, then you can use this as leverage to score better rental terms in certain places.

  • Eat in

    Americans today eat out a considerable amount more than they did in the past. Not only is this not always the healthiest option, but it can also eat a hole into your wallet, if you keep these habits up.

    Going to the grocery store and planning out your meals gives you the option to eat healthier, for considerably less money.

    Also, after you learn how to cook a handful of meals pretty well, it’s usually a lot more delicious and fulfilling than going out to eat. Eating in can potentially cut your food costs in half, if you are planning your meals efficiently.

  • Drive less, walk more

    Driving is a major expense that is incredibly necessary for many Americans. Getting to work and around their neighborhood is usually something that must be done through a vehicle.

    However, if the only option that you consider is driving whenever you go anywhere, then you are constantly spending money on gasoline and are putting unnecessary miles on your vehicle.

    Instead of this, try to walk or bike places when you can, which reduces some of your transportation costs and is also a generally healthier way to live!

  • Be energy smart

    Being conscious of the energy that you use isn’t only environmentally friendly, but it also pinches enough pennies every month to save you a notable amount of money at the end of the year.

    Using energy-efficient light bulbs, changing out air filters and furnace filters, lowering the temperature of your water heater, and even just making sure to turn off lights and appliances when you aren’t using them all come together and add up to bigger savings.

  • Avoid credit cards

    You’ve probably read articles about how using credit cards have helped people earn points for airfare, or save money on groceries, and how a credit card has opened up opportunities that they previously didn’t have.

    This is all well and great, but understand that credit card companies make a significant amount of money, and it’s coming from somewhere.

    Wait until you have a substantial amount of savings and are more financially established before even thinking about getting credit cards, because you’re more likely than not to end up being the profit generator for the company, while financially responsible users to get their airfare points.

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