Slick Money Saving Tips for Your Next Pregnancy

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While pregnancy can be very exciting for new mothers as they celebrate and prepare for a new life, it is also a time of great financial need. Pregnancy can be very expensive, from constant doctor visits to the dozens of purchases for the anticipated baby, many new families find their budgets strained as they adjust for new costs.

These six slick tips can help women and their families save money next time pregnancy becomes part of the budget.

Slick Money Saving Tips for Your Next Pregnancy

  1. Health Insurance

    A check with your insurance provider should be done before conception if possible. It is vital for new mothers to have a health insurance plan that works for her financial needs, and has a deductible and copayment she can reasonably meet after the baby is born.

    If possible, choose plans that cover all prenatal appointments which will ease anxiety should more expensive prenatal care be necessary, such as high-risk pregnancy doctor appointments, frequent ultrasounds, and fetal testing.

    A high-risk pregnancy specialist, Dr. Gilbert Webb, says if the parents are older or have underlying conditions like diabetes or blood conditions, you may be at more predisposed to a high-risk pregnancy.

  2. Save up Slowly

    Pregnancy gives most women eight to nine months to plan financially for the cost of labor, delivery, and neonatal care. Some even have the opportunity to shop around for the cheapest hospital in their area to keep costs low.

    Women can consider calling a local hospital or birthing clinic to find out what a typical labor and delivery costs, and start to save a percentage each month while pregnant.

    This way, after the baby is born there won’t be as much stress to meet the hospital bill.

  3. Find Cheap Maternity Clothes

    Buying maternity clothes can feel like buying a completely new wardrobe for only a few months of use.

    Most women, especially those who have been pregnant before, find it impossible to make it through pregnancy without an ample supply of maternity tops and bottoms.

    It is possible to save money by shopping at garage sales and thrift stores for maternity clothes, or by asking to borrow them from friends.

  4. Only Buy the Necessities

    It can be very exciting to shop for a new baby and just going through the baby aisles can be overwhelming with their abundance of bottles, swings, highchairs, monitors, and other gadgets.

    New families can save money by checking online or with family and friends to find out what equipment is best or necessary, rather than simply getting whatever catches the eye. Save on furniture by getting it second hand, and only get what you’re sure to need.

  5. Find Free Samples

    Most pediatricians have a large supply of free samples or coupons to give to pregnant women. You can ask for diaper samples as well as for samples for different formulas, should you plan to bottle-feed.

    Many major diaper and formula websites allow women to sign up for free programs, which can score families great points, coupons, and samples.

  6. Pre-Freeze Meals

    Everyone knows how expensive it can be to eat out or bring in food from restaurants even a few times each month, and after the baby comes, most families find they have very little energy for cooking.

    Instead of purchasing frequent take-out meals, simply pre-freeze casseroles, soups, and other foods, so you can eat healthy meals in the weeks after baby is born without breaking the budget.

No family needs to let a pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned, capsize the budget. By smart planning, finding little ways to save, and only buying what is needed, women can save money for the entire nine months, as well as into the future.

Instead of spending precious time worrying about financial resources, use these nine months of waiting to prepare and get excited about the new life you’re bringing into the world!

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