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If you don’t have any kind of presence online and you want to have some, then you have basically two choices:

Create your own website, or buy an already built website.

We all know that the Internet is a huge place for business.

If you are ever in the market for buying and / or selling your online business, the auction house Flippa is the site for you.

Flippa claims to be the #1 Marketplace for Buying and Selling Websites. At the time of this writing, it has a Page Rank of 5. That’s quite a good ranking. It is somewhat irrelevant if you are buying a website. But selling your website or blog, the high Page Rank of Flippa can be a good thing. In other words, with PR of 5, it will be on the first page of Google for its keywords.

  1. Create website yourself…

    The Internet has become the ultimate business platform. You can develop your own website if you have the know-how.

    It takes time to do it even though some website builders would have you believe that you could create one overnight. But to develop a viable site with good SEO implemented, it could turn out to be a longer period of time.

    You must have a good idea and a good niche of the market in mind. You must have a plan before you start creating a website from scratch. Setting up a basic website may be pretty straight forward, but it takes a heck lot of work to make a website popular.

    • A Big Dilemma…

      The part where most people struggle is the conceptualization of the business model. They don’t know what kind of website to create, what niche to target, where the revenues are going to come from and so on.

      If you are in this situation, then Flippa may be the best there is to buy your next business. It is always quite busy and active in dealings. So it should be your first call.

      When you click on it, you would see two major links:

      1. Buy Websites – a list with all the websites up for sale

      2. Sell Websites.

  2. Buy your next website…

    Before you buy a website, make sure it has good ranking in Google. With ranking of 1 or 0, you can look at the niche market the website is targeting.

    If you believe, with your hard work and SEO know-how, you can increase its marketing in a relatively short time, then think seriously about buying it, of course price is another important factor.

    Also, you must feel at ease with the niche market of the website. If it appeals to you and you think you can make a good chunk of money from enhancing and marketing it, then it might be a good fit.

Word of caution…

Many of the websites for sale are pretty new to the online world with Page Rank of 0. The important thing for you to do is to first come up with a concept or a niche market that interests you and then go over the list of websites that are for sale. See which ones satisfy your needs for the business.

However, there seem to be some very good websites listed for sale, too. All you need is a way of separating them from the bad ones and that it fits your business plan.

You will see that one of the columns is called Number of bids. That column basically tells how many people placed a bid on the auction. Logically speaking, the higher the number of bids, the better the website could be.

Once you select one or more, contact the proprietor and ask questions about the business and its future expandability.

In a Nutshell
It’s better to make plans, find your niche market and then search for websites that fit your budget and satisfy your needs for the niche market using Flippa.

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