Ten Proven Strategies to Successfully Claim Workplace Accident Compensation

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If you sustain an injury on the job, you may be able to get compensation for any lost wages, your medical bills, rehabilitation bills and pain and suffering.

No matter the type of work you do, your employer has a duty to protect you from accidents and train you the proper way to do your job.

Here are ten winning strategies that if proven can help you recover compensation for any possible injuries at the workplace.

  • Strategy #1 – No Proper Training

    Your employer is responsible for providing proper training on how to do your job safely no matter what type of work you do. For instance, if you have to manually lift loads, they need to show you how to lift the loads properly to prevent injuries. If they do not provide such training, you can receive compensation for any injury you sustain doing your job.

    Even if you work in an office, your employer should provide an adjustable desk and ergonomics training so you can prevent workplace injuries.

    Many people who work at desks all day can injury their back or develop carpal tunnel from having desks or chairs that do not properly adjust for them.

  • Strategy #2 – Negligence at Work

    If you are injured at the workplace due to your employer’s negligence, you may be able to successfully take your case to court and receive compensation for your injury.

    You would need to show that your employer knew about a hazard at the workplace and ignored it, which lead to your injury. You could be compensated for medical bills, time off work, time for travelling to see your doctor and for pain and suffering.

  • Strategy #3 – Defective Equipment at Work

    You can sustain serious injuries if you have to work with equipment that is defective. Injuries ranging from electric shock to broken limbs and cuts could be sustained if the equipment you work with malfunctions.

    If the employer knew the equipment was defective or if they gave you the wrong type of equipment to use, they can be liable for your medical bills and lost wages if you sustain any injuries.

  • Strategy #4 – Unsafe Working Conditions

    Even if you work in an office, you can still suffer injuries because the conditions of the workplace are unsafe.

    For instance, if there is uneven flooring or loose carpeting that causes you to fall and injure yourself, you can file a claim due to unsafe working conditions.

    You would need to prove the people responsible for the safety of the work environment knew about the conditions, but with statements from your co-workers that shouldn’t be hard to prove.

  • Strategy #5 – No Risk Assessment Done

    Your employer is required to do a risk assessment of the job you’re asked to do, such as delivering heavy packages to someone’s home or business.

    If you trip and fall down stairs while doing your job or out your back lifting the package and you can prove no risk assessment had been done, you could recover compensation for your workplace injuries.

  • Strategy #6 – Excessive Noise Leading to Deafness

    If your hearing has been affected by excessive noise at your workplace or if you have developed tinnitus, you may be able to recover compensation for that injury.

    Deafness due to excessive noise can take years to develop, but if you can prove that your employer was aware that someone could have hearing loss because of the noise or that they did nothing to protect your hearing, you can possibly recover compensation for your hearing loss.

  • Strategy #7 – Injury Due to Improper Protection

    If you work in an industrial environment, for instance as a welder on a construction site, your employer is obligated to outline and post safety work procedures. They are also obligated to provide you with proper protective gear to help prevent injuries.

    Employers should provide hard hats, goggles, gloves, ear plugs, safety boots and other appropriate gear designed for your specific industry to keep you safe. If the gear was not provided or if it was the inappropriate gear, and you are injured, you may have a compensation claim against them.

  • Strategy #8 – Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

    If you’ve worked with tools or machinery that vibrated, you could develop hand arm vibration syndrome, or HAVS. The symptoms of HAVS are serious and can lead to numbness in the fingers, muscle weakness and “white finger.” These symptoms can cause you to be unable to work.

    To prevent injury, employers have to give employees regular breaks from tools and machinery to prevent problems. They also have to modify machines and tools, such as altering the hand grip, and they need to provide periodic medical reviews.

    If your employer did not do these things, then you can win a workplace compensation claim against them.

  • Strategy #9 – Asthma Due to Workplace Conditions

    Asthma is a serious medical condition that can make it hard to breathe and it can lead to more serious problems. If you work in an environment where there are substances that can cause asthma, such as dust, flour, gases, glue vapours, etc., your employer needs to provide protection from those substances.

    Your employer must do what they can to properly ventilate their buildings and provide you with respirators or other protection to prevent lung or breathing problems. If they neglected to do so, you can win a compensation claim against them.

  • Strategy #10 – Exposure to Hazardous Substances

    If you have sustained chemical burns or were exposed to hazardous fumes on the job, you may be able to get compensation for your time off work and medical expenses.

    Your employer is obligated to try and prevent such job injuries, but you can still be hurt on the job. If you are and your employer refuses to pay your medical expenses, you should contact a solicitor about recovering lost wages and any money you’ve paid out.

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