The Best Free Software Of 2010 – Reviews By PC Magazine

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Every year PC Magazine, just about this time of the year, puts out a list of applications for your personal computer that are absolutely free or are at a very minimal price. If you search the Internet, you would find that there is no lack of free software to be found online.

However, sometimes you encounter some software of any kind that might damage your computer instead of be a benefit to you. So you have to watch out for those downloads.

Because PC Magazine is relatively a good-size organization with a variety of testing facilities – hardware and software, and they have been around since almost the beginning of the advent of PC, I am pretty sure they have already tested out the software that you can download without any risk.

In a Nutshell
You don’t have to pay for applications that you can download for free. PC Magazine and other such companies do testing of hardware and software. So you can download the applications without fear of any risk attached with software that you might encounter downloading and installing.

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