The Common Traits Of Success

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We all know humans are different from one another. Some folks try doing something and keep working at it. They are just persistent. They firmly believe in themselves.

Over time we see them as successful. Other folks try doing the same thing, but after a while give up and think of themselves as failure.

The Common Traits Of Success

Once in a while, I get email claiming I could make thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks if not days. I never follow those emails and just delete them. I think maybe it’s a scam and chances are it is. Even if it is not scam, one person follows the process and makes money. That does not mean others would make the same amount of money as well.

However, to become successful in life, there are certain traits if you follow and be persistent working at it, you could be successful over a period of time.

There are traits that set apart highly successful people from those who are just mediocre in what they achieve.

All share a commonality: reaching out for help and not being ashamed to do so.

These people are truly inspiring and have similar attributes that drive their success.

To guide you, here are some traits that will make you stand out:

  • Have clear vision

    Have a clear vision and set goals of what you want. Don’t make it impossible for yourself. Maintain high standards in your pursuit.

  • See obstacles as challenges

    If you encounter obstacles, ask questions. Turn obstacles into challenges and not deterrents. Be creative and overcome those obstacles.

  • Choose to be different

    Choose to be different, even if it’s unpopular. Think uniquely that will lead to exceptional outcomes. There are excellent traits that you surely can learn from others. Jack: Straight from the Gut is one book you can read and enjoy.

  • Work really hard and focus

    Work really hard and focus on what you can control, not what’s beyond it. Have a plan. Stick to a schedule. Be persistence and have continual determination.

  • Be proactive and take initiative

    Be proactive and take initiative rather than waiting for things to happen. Had Bill Gates and Steve Jobs been passive, the world might not have Microsoft and Apple Computers and gadgets! It would have been surely a different world.

  • Defy the norm and be curious

    Defy the norm. Be curious. Don’t accept the status quo. Always strive for better than what exists. Think and dream big. It certainly worked for a junior senator from Illinois named Barack Obama and a once homeless and unknown British writer named J.K Rowling.

  • Surround yourself with supportive and positive people

    Surround yourself with supportive and positive people. Success breeds success. If you mingle with losers, you won’t go far. If you surround yourself with optimistic people who are successful, then you will be too. Also, somewhat more importantly, be supportive to others.

  • Sell yourself

    Sell yourself. A strong belief in who you are and what you do can lead you to become a brand in itself. It worked for Oprah and Jay-Z. They both built empires around their names.

  • Enjoy what you do

    Finally, enjoy what you do and be passionate about it.

In a Nutshell
Learn the above traits and be successful in what you do.

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