Tips for Tradeshow Marketing for Your Business

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One of the most frequently ignored tradeshow tips for marketing your business is the failure to promote your business by participating in local events within 25 to 50 miles of your business location. Frequently ignored areas are kiosks at a nearby shopping mall or at in-season outdoor agricultural produce and products market gatherings in small-town, rural America.


A wealth of helpful information is available online focusing on tips relative to attending these small events. Since the primary goal of your business presence at these events is to create a potential customer base or increase your current customer base, take the time to conduct local event research.

In addition to carefully perusing advance promo information, contact the event host with questions about event attendee number history, and potential audience demographics.

Following the aforementioned step affords the opportunity to eliminate events that do not have the potential for profit gain versus the expenditures involved.

Bear in mind that no two businesses are exactly alike, even those that offer the same product or service. Focus on the uniqueness of your business and the opportunity to generate new traffic with a small financial outlay.

Placing company cards and brochures in the hands of every visitor is important but even more so is the ability to seize the opportunity to have a 15-second friendly greet-and-chat with every visitor to your display area.

The value of visitor interaction far outweighs just offering them promotional items that display company logo and contact information.

Handing out a minimum of two business cards and promo items to each visitor encourages that person to keep one and pass the other to someone.

To market your product or service with the most attention-grabbing potential, use trendy items such as iPad or iPhone covers displaying your logo and contact information.

Another suggestion is to attach your logo data to prepackaged, healthy snacks that easily fit in the visitor’s pocket. The primary goal of your interaction with visitors is to encourage them to linger not because of the promotional items available, but because even a brief chat can quickly be shared with visitors at other display areas and especially during possible refreshment area conversation.

While manning your display area, ensure that you and all assisting you focus on turning negative customer reactions into positive ones as opposed to endeavoring to constantly deliver a sales pitch.

Encouraging your team to collect business cards and brochures from other vendors both competitors and complementary network sources could prove to be an invaluable follow-up resource.

Pertinent information should be clearly displayed in your assigned area at optimal customer eye-level. Neatness relative to display materials and your area is paramount.

Properly arranged displays will afford visitors the opportunity to gain information while you are serving others. Placing sold signage on a couple of items gives visitors the impression that your products are in such high demand that restocking must wait; however, be prepared to quickly place an identical item in the customer’s hand.

To capitalize on visitor interest, have a demonstration schedule prominently posted. Providing entry slips for a free item to be drawn at a specific time affords businesses a nonchalant way to acquire visitor contact information.

Requiring that visitors must be present to win encourages them to revisit your booth. When placing promo items around your display, businesses are strongly encouraged to distribute them in such a way as to create a traffic pattern that necessitates visitor movement through the entire display in order to collect them.

Display tables should be dressed with fabric table cloths rather than vinyl ones. If possible, attach your business logo to the overhanging area. If one is not already available, it is worth the time to create display templates for use on immediately adjacent walls or on a folding screen.

When at all possible, rely on Powerpoint displays to draw attention and cause the visitor to spend more time in your area.

Taking advantage of tradeshow marketing tips available is well worth your time to benefit from the expertise afforded by agents at this site whose primary goal is to provide clients with a plethora of supplies and unique paraphernalia to enhance your company’s presence by enabling your spare to stand out from all others.

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