Top 10 ways of Turning Credit Card Points and Miles into Cash

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While many people use their credit cards to earn points for rewards, some people find no charm in rewards and focus on turning these rewards into cash. This is indeed a very smart way to get back some of the cash you have paid extra using the credit card and get credit card debt relief. The good news is that you can actually cash the reward points on credit cards that you have been collecting and piling up for months.

This idea of turning miles and rewards into cash was first introduced by American Express and was exclusively offered by them until 2011. However, today there are a number of websites that are offering their customers with the same benefit and helping customers benefit from credit card debt relief. Now cardholders can immediately get debt relief by changing their rewards and miles into cash without waiting to pile them up for a significant amount to get anything useful.

Although many people still find it difficult to redeem flier miles and rewards, it only requires a little research to get started. Spending the earned points is more challenging then earning them. However, today you have an opportunity to use your points like cash. Even if your credit institutions do not offer you any such benefit, then look for a company that will.

Check out the top ten ways of turning credit card points and miles into cash:

  1. Trade Points to Other Card Holders

    Certain websites, such as, offer you an opportunity to trade your points or miles to other member card holders for instant debt relief. You can do this by posting the rewards you have and waiting for somebody who is in needs of those rewards to bid on. This way you will not only be able to trade your points quickly but you can also select the highest bidder to earn the highest amount of cash in trade of your points.

  2. Use is a subsidiary of the market leaders in payment systems and marketing. They have taken one step ahead and developed an application for mobile to help card holders exchange their rewards for cash by accessing their loyalty partner programs like The Hilton, Delta and American Airlines.

  3. A Single Market offers their member a single platform to its members to keep rewards balances and account numbers all in one place. Being a member, you will get updates from the website on a daily basis to improve your reward balances. You can gain maximum cash for your rewards by accessing the rewards and points of other members on a single platform.

  4. Exchange Points

    Some websites also offer the exchange or transfer of points between members possessing multiple reward programs. In short, you can simply exchange reward points or flier miles with other member possessing reward option you had your eyes on. Maybe you were planning to spend the cash on getting something that is available as a reward with another member. Make the most out of this opportunity.

  5. Use

    This is another website offering you its services to change your credit card points and flier miles into cash. As a member, you can combine the values of all the rewards you possess and use them as cash to purchase items from different retailers.

  6. Air Miles Cash

    You also have the opportunity to exchange your air miles with cash from Air Miles Sponsors. Conduct some research and look for participating sponsor locations in the United States.

  7. PayPal

    Since PayPal has become an internationally recognized form of payment for most of the websites, retailers and vendors, become a member and benefit from its flexibility and get use your point rewards for purchasing cash items.

  8. Friends

    Offer your rewards to your friends and claim cash in exchange. If you know you friend is looking for something you have available in the form of rewards, do not hesitate and get the deal done.

  9. Family

    Just like friends, you can also offer your point rewards or flier miles to your family member for some money. You may not be able to earn a lot, but will get something on the exchange of unwanted rewards.

  10. Colleagues

    Offer your unwanted rewards to your colleagues and you may get a good deal in return. Do your homework before you set your rewards and flier miles for exchange of cash.

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  2. By Nonneth on Aug 12, 2012, 5:43 pm | Reply

    I feel your pain. While the other posters have good suitgsgeons, I would recommend to keep plugging away at it. I have had high credit card bills, and some times it does seem like the balance will never go down. First, you should stop using the card. I only use mine for car repairs that I do not have enough cash on hand to pay for. I put all the cash I have down and put the rest on the card. Recently I had a repair bill for over $1k. I paid it off in less than a month. I’ve found the key to stick with it and you will see the results. The problem with credit card hopping, for lower rates, is that it could mess up your credit rating. has some great informative articles on this topic. I love their personal finance section. Good luck!

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