What are the Best Water Heaters to Save Money in the Long Run?

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With so many different types of water heater system technologies available today in the marketplace, there is no shortage of options for homeowners looking to save money on their energy costs.

Here’s how to identify the best water heaters to save your household money in the long run.

What are the Best Water Heaters to Save Money in the Long Run

  • How water heater type affects energy costs

    One type of water heater may be more energy efficient than other models. Household size and usage patterns may affect the water heater choice. Gas-powered heaters tend to be much more cost-effective than electric units.

    Consumers can choose from electric, gas, geothermal, propane, fuel and solar-powered units. An older heater is much less energy efficient than the newer models, which must now meet 2015 energy standards in the US.

  • What are the differences between the various styles of water heaters?

    A new gas tank will cost around $338 and will cost $30 a month. A gas tank heater with a higher energy-efficiency rating will cost $662 and cost $26 a month to operate. An electric tank heater cost $280 and averages $65 per month in operating costs. One with an Energy Star rating will cost $480 upfront and $62 per month to operate.

  • Top performance water heaters

    The 50-gallon Whirlpool 50T12-40DNG gas heaters are recommended for families with up to five people. This unit comes with a 12-year warranty. The GE GeoSpring variety relies on a heat pump.

    Additional features like vacation settings have the potential to produce even greater savings for the household. The Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus Electric contains advanced flow control technologies and is considered to be among the most reliable of its kind on the market.

  • What can you do until ready to invest in a new water heater?

    There are some ways to save with the existing water heater. Installing a timer on the unit shuts off the heater while away at work. Building improvements like insulating the room where the heater is stored offers another way to save. Hot water pipes should also be insulated.

    Hiring a plumber from a business like HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric to install a heat trap is another recommendation. The heat trap prevents water from exiting the tank until ready for use. Some recommend switching over to an electric water heater if only one appliance relies on gas as the energy source.

The newer water heaters are much more energy efficient than other systems. New guidelines require that they be designed to operate with greater efficiency than the older units. The systems with the highest energy ratings have lower monthly operating costs than others.

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