What Financial Options Do You Have When Injured at Work?

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A workplace injury can be extremely traumatizing and painful. Even worse, sustaining such an injury can lead to a permanent disability that can negatively affect your ability to maintain gainful employment.

If you are injured at work, you should know what to do.

Below are some of the financial options you have after a serious workplace injury.

  • Disability Insurance

    Disability insurance can be purchased from private insurers. Sometimes this form of coverage is referred to as health and accident insurance.

    When a person becomes disabled after an injury, a claim is filed. If the claim is successful, the insurance company will pay benefits that match what that person would have been paid by their employer if the injury had never occurred.

    To qualify, a person usually has to prove to an insurance company representative that they no longer have the physical ability to perform the same kind of work.

  • Social Security Disability Benefits

    One component of social security you can take advantage of after a workplace injury is Social Security Disability Insurance, also known as SSDI for short.

    This form of Social Security is available to workers that have become disabled and are no longer able to maintain their regular employment.

    Applying and being approved for SSDI can sometimes be difficult. Usually, a claim has to be appealed multiple times before benefits can be accessed.

    A lot of paperwork as well as physical examinations will be required to obtain SSDI. Overall, it’s important to obtain a lawyer with experience dealing with disability cases to insure that your claim for benefits is successful.

    You can always click to find out more about social security disability cases.

  • Workers Compensation

    Another commonly used choice to deal with workplace injuries is workers compensation. This is a form of insurance that is mandated by the state to be provided to employees of certain qualifying companies.

    For federal government employees, workers comp is provided by the federal government.

    Otherwise, each state has its own workers compensation program for state workers and the employees of private companies.

    Either way, workers comp is available to employees who are injured or become indefinitely ill while performing work for a company.

    It is also available to the family members of an employee that died while on the job. Workers compensation can help pay for medical bills relating to an injury. It is also designed to provide a person with income if they are no longer able to perform the same kind of work.

A workplace injury can have serious consequences for a person’s finances and livelihood. It’s certainly a good idea to investigate ways you can gain compensation so you and your family won’t be forced to suffer any more for your accident than you already have.

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