Why It Is Time to Invest in Interactive Marketing for Your Business

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The business environment today is volatile and marketing ideas that are effective today will most likely fizzle out tomorrow.

Most marketers are finding it hard to push their campaigns, especially on the online platform, because they are not adapting fast to these changing trends.

One of the most outstanding shifts in contemporary marketing strategies is a move towards interactive marketing.

If your business is still founded on traditional marketing approaches, it is time you started marketing in relation to what your target customer needs now.

  • Adapting to Changing Consumer Needs

    If you are an online marketer, you appreciate the fast paced nature of this marketplace. Today, consumers are driving the marketing trends and with free access to information, their demands keep changing.

    If, for instance, you are not engaging with your target customers, you are most likely struggling to meet your marketing objectives.

    This is where interactive marketing comes into play. This is a marketing strategy that is in response to something a consumer does.

    Interactive marketers such as Lawrence Rouse are leading this revolutionary marketing strategy, which is also called trigger-based or event-based marketing.

    If you have ever visited the Amazon online store, you have probably come across suggestions of more items related to what you have browsed. These include what other people who viewed that specific item also checked out.

    In short, Amazon very creatively ensures you stay longer on their website and most likely, you end up buying one of these products. This is what interactive marketing is all about.

  • Advantages of Interactive Marketing

    If you are struggling to convert, it is time to invest in interactive marketing because the results are more promising.

    Among the reasons to use an interactive marketer in your online campaigns include:

    1. Increased sales

      The last thing you want during a marketing campaign is an increasing number of abandoned carts. You can easily reduce this by encouraging customers to stick longer on your site. This will in turn lead to increased sales.

    2. Enhanced customer experience

      When you have a highly engaging marketing campaign, you will improve the customer experience and increase the chances of converting.

      Interactive marketing is based on triggers that come from a customer’s response. Your reaction will therefore most likely match them with exactly that they need.

    3. Increased customer loyalty

      Happy customers keep coming back, especially when they know you are going to extra lengths to help them out.

      Winning customer loyalty is one of the toughest aspects in online marketing. It is cheaper to keep a customer than to gain a new one and they will also refer you to their networks.

    4. Long term relationships

      Interactive marketing provides a direct and ongoing communication system between a business and the customer.

    5. Invaluable feedback

      Through this unique marketing approach, you are able to get invaluable feedback which can then be used in the ongoing marketing campaign.

In summary, using an interactive marketer helps you get invaluable feedback, increases social network sharing, boosts audience engagement, reduces overhead expenses, and increases sales conversion.

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